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Attaining attention by being different in the realm of branding and advertising, which entails constant competition and continuous change, can make your brand look like the finest one in the field.

The concept of branding can be defined as the craft of creating the perception of your brand that matches your vision, mission, personality, and purpose. These specific perceptions are then communicated with the people in order to establish it among them.

The field of branding always comes up with fresh, novel, and innovative trends and themes to nurture-out the desired output from their target audience. The quality with which a brand strives to adapt and update itself in response to upcoming changes in the field helps to mark it as top and unique.

The year 2022 is also predicted to be acquainted with some of such original concepts and melodies in the field of advertising and branding. All of the top Branding Agencies and Creative firms across the world are trying to bake out amazing and amusing strategies to take down the sphere of advertising.

Some among the potential trends that could make an impact in the arena of advertising are,

Brand Activism: Brand activism is the branding practice in which a brand or business will interact with the audience and explain their values, ideologies, morals, and beliefs. Brand Activism helps a brand to talk and share their true self with their consumers.

The concept of Brand Activism is important because how a brand ‘fits’ in with one’s values, belief-system, and lifestyle could easily determine whether you buy products and services from that brand.

For example, any Top Branding Agency in India, when they are approached by a brand which has its target audience placed with in the country, would try to craft a branding strategy that blends in well with the culture, philosophy, behavior and traits of the land. It helps to establish the brand more easily and effectively.

Minimalism: The concept of minimalism isn’t a new one in the field of branding, but its acceptance, popularity, and simplicity make it one of the top trends to look into.

Delivering more effect by designing with the bare minimum elements is the motto of minimalism. The style is centered on building a scheme or concept by using only the elements that are essential to it.

Elements such as basic shapes, simple text, minimal colour palettes, empty space, etc. are used in minimalism to give the design an uncluttered aesthetic.


Quirky Branding: The idea behind this particular trend is to be different by delivering concepts in unconventional and unexplored ways. The technique of "quirky branding" follows the style of unfollowing the rulebooks and principles by using unexpected design elements to create a sense of unmatched originality.

Quirky branding consists of a wide variety of elements which includes drawn illustrations and curious imagery to overlapping elements, asymmetry, and innovative design. DIY elements, collage, odd imagery or artwork, fun typography, illustration, colliding elements, bright or clashing colors, and distorted shapes can be considered the characteristics of this particular trend, which helps brands, make a statement.

Bauhaus: The Bauhaus design trend combines elements from both art and industry, manifesting in geometric shapes, strong lines, and sharp corners. It has a minimal, modern, and functional feel that draws on retro design elements, making it an ideal and versatile choice for branding design.

Gradients: In the field of design, colour gradients can be defined as a range of position-dependent colors, usually used to fill a region. The style and trend of using colour gradients in branding and designing can be seen very commonly nowadays and can be seen popping up from design and digital art to social media posts, websites, presentations, etc. A well-crafted gradient is simple and seamless to the eyes and can easily help the brand deliver its message.

Nostalgia: Just like the concept of minimalism, the idea or practise of using nostalgia as an element of branding isn’t a new one. But the fact that people still care and are concerned about the nostalgic elements and the concept makes it a relevant one. The pandemic situations and lockdowns intensified this particular element when people have spent more time indoors, re-watching their favourite movies, memories, and moments.

Creative Agencies across the globe are hoping to nourish, nurture and harvest the element of nostalgia and are trying to implement it on to their advertising campaigns and branding schemes.

Immersive Brand Experiences: The concept of immersive brand experiences deals with providing a welcoming and attractive user environment and experiences to the users. It can also be considered one of the essential parts of brand storytelling. Immersive brand experiences invite interaction and build up a connected and engaged community.

The Creative Agencies who can successfully deliver out a delightful Immersive Brand experience to the customers can manifest fruitful outcomes much more efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Branding: In a condition where climate change and environmental upsets, pollution, and destruction are occurring, people are actually looking on to the brands to come up with concepts and strategies that promote and induce environmental stability and order.

The concept of sustainability has moved firmly into the mainstream and people would like to see some creative strategies and initiatives from the top brands across the world that would promote environmental-healing, restoration, and stabilization, instead of the ones that harm and hazard the space we have.

As one among the ambitious hive in India who work and strive to be the Top Creative Agency in India, Team Backstage is also trying to keep track and match well with the upcoming trends and styles in the field.