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Top 5 logo trends in 2021

As the name of a person stands as a part of their identity, a well-designed logo act as a brand’s identity and add on to its distinctiveness.

To be a good branding agency and to adapt with the changes and challenges that are going in the industry, it’s very important to keep in touch with the trends that are occurring in the field.

The year of 2021 has witnessed the emergence of certain logo designing trends and we are going to discuss about them


There comes the importance of inclusive marketing.

These logos are unique for their elusive and indefinable looks and design. They resemble ribbons or band whose shape has been altered from their normal position. It is this alteration from the normal which gives these types of logos their own uniqueness and attention.

These alterations or twisting can give the message of shifting up in gears, or an adoption of a new policy or task, a new beginning or entering a new generation.

These logos can also deliver the symbol of evolution of space, materials, ownership or product, and tell the audience that regardless of all these changes, they still continues to go forward.


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As the name suggests, this is the style in which a logo is made using four different elements which when join together forms the entity.

These four elements are normally placed together in a way in which they resemble a square. The square has been always one of the fundamental shapes in logo design and quads meet this criterion.

These four elements or parts can showcase and indicate the diverse qualities or characters of a brand. So, using this type of a logo multiple messages can be delivered.


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These kinds of logos are characterized by the set of fragments projecting out from a principle or core point.

The fragments and core point resembles the ripples forming from a point in a water.

These types of logos carry the idea of Increase, Growth, Proliferation, and multiplication.

Usually these types of logos are made using single tones of colors or colors that have close values.


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These are the kind of logos that deliver a Hypnotic, mesmerizing, and spellbinding feeling or emotion to an observer.

These logos will have a rhythmic symmetry and visual depth as their qualities.

As the name suggests in these types of logos we can see the elements being flipped from its original position and being embedded on its original form.

These types of logos will have several layers with varying transparency and color tones.

The elements may overlap in very commonly in these types of logos.

These types of logos are used to deliver the message of an systematic and transparent relationship.


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These types of logos possess the appeals of icons along with it.

These logos will have stacked symbols or icons which match with the characters or qualities of the brand.

These types of logos will be very visually pleasing and well balanced.

The use of negative space to crate depth, space and meanings are one important traits of these types of logos.

These logos may feel as common and general but they can deliver the message of ownership and authority of the symbolic kind their logo represents.


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It doesn’t matter how big or small our Branding agency is, whether it is the top Branding agency in India, or be a small startup in our hometown. What counts is the improvements and updates and changes that we make in our services according to the market conditions and needs. We hope the above given information helps you in this process.