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Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos Using Keyword Strategy

A well-researched Keyword Strategy can amplify your YouTube video views by over 10x, do you agree? If not, check out our latest blog and see how we help you achieve this objective with minimal investment.

YouTube is one of THE most credible platforms for broadcasting your videos and making your content available to people around the globe. Not just that, it also acts as a video content repository for many brands. But simply posting video content on YouTube and relying on content discoverability on its own is akin to hoping for a miracle to happen. However, a well-strategized keyword strategy can really catapult your video content reach & discoverability.

We will try to answer that question. But first, do you know just like Google, YouTube is also a search engine? It uses the same principles as Google to position content on their site. The only difference here is that you see videos on YouTube.

To increase the views on YouTube videos, you need to begin by making it easier for people interested in your videos to search for you. Since YouTube gives you an already existing audience, there is no need to build it. But to ensure that your video content is worth the cost and effort of producing it, you need to proactively plan your content and post around specific audience who want to see it.

Here are some of the KPIs that you need to keep in mind before jumpstarting your keyword strategy for YouTube channel-

  1. 1
    Watch time
  2. 2
    Retention time
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Title keywords
  6. 6
  7. 7

How Google Ranks Your YouTube Videos?

Google needs to understand the content of your video to include it on the search results page. Here are some of the ways Google ensures that:

  1. A
    It crawls the video and extracts a preview and thumbnail to show the user
  2. B
    It then extracts meta tags and page texts from your video descriptions to inform the user more about the video's content
  3. C
    Then it analyzes the video sitemap or structured data to ascertain the relevance factor
  4. D
    Finally, it extracts audio to determine the keywords

Keywords are simply not pulled straight from the text attached to the video in the descriptions and tags. They can even be pulled from the audio too. That is why there is a growing importance on including the right keywords in your video script to rank higher on Google SERPs.

Selecting the keywords is more about relevance than volume. For that, you need to define your target audience properly. Then it would help if you started the keyword research using industry best practices. We at, Backstage Creative Inc. Canada, have been helping all of our clients with this step using best practices & state of the art tools.

It is also an excellent practice to be aware of which of your keywords people search more frequently. By analyzing the latest search trends, you can search and compare potential keywords in your list and decipher which ones are ranking higher and appear more on the Google search results page.

Next, you need to apply the keywords to your videos. You can do this by adding them in the video file name, video title, description, transcript, and tags. You can even use keywords in the video to help Google crawl your content and rank it higher on their SERPs.


The ultimate way to get more views on your YouTube video is to understand your target audience's intent & needs and then accordingly use relevant keywords to help them rank higher on Google. The search engine would then know that you have provided the right video for the right search by interpreting the actions taken by the users.

By giving plenty of keywords to Google and YouTube to parse, you can ensure higher visibility and more views on your YouTube video. You can try out these recommendations at your end and see what works best for you or alternatively, you can always book a complimentary 30 minutes consultation with Backstage Creative Inc. and let the professionals handle the best strategy implementation for your business and brand.