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Making the marketing campaign memorable, recognizable, and shareable is considered one of the key aspects of an effective advertising scheme. In order to achieve this, certain strategies and techniques are carried out in the field of advertising.

The practice of creative advertising is one such effectively used technique to draft out a successful drive. Creative advertising can be defined as the marketing practice in which a brand or product is advertised through creative ideas, concepts, and themes to launch a strategy or campaign in a way that people recognize and remember them.

Creative advertising is important to a business and brand because it attracts and attains people’s attention to their product and services quickly and impact-fully. It makes the ads more memorable, relatable, and longer lasting ones that work with less media spending and also build up a fan community and support group much faster than any other method.

Various studies and research experiments have found that the contents which are propagated through creative adverts get more attention and lead to positive attitudes about the brand and products among the people.

Any credible advertising firm or branding agency in India will have a dedicated group of creative minds, which consists of copywriters, designers, visualizers, etc. to work and craft novel and innovative campaigning strategies to launch creative ads in the realm of their target audience.

The concept of creativity believes in the ability to find unusual and nonobvious solutions to a problem, and creative advertisements with unconventional and relatable content would lead a brand to reach deep and delicately into the minds of people.

As one of the most reputable creative advertising agencies in India, team Backstage strives to meet our clients' expectations by developing appropriate solutions to convey their concepts to the target audience.

Some of the modes and methods with which one could craft a creative ad are:

  1. Think and deliver solutions from outside the box.
  2. Add in a humor element that embarks a laugh among the audience.
  3. Play with words, design, and graphics to deliver a thought.
  4. Integrate thoughtful puns into the ads.
  5. Try out jingles and other musical elements to make your brand sound familiar to others.
  6. Understand the campaign environment and adapt the strategy in accordance with it.
  7. Keep It Simple.
  8. Study and learn about the target audience.
  9. Include a Call to Action.
  10. Find Hidden Visual Relationships and Visual Metaphors.
  11. Don’t Be Afraid to exaggerate the elements and essentials.
  12. Make Your Piece Interactive.
  13. Use Recognizable Symbols.
  14. Generate an Emotional Response.