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Marking your name in the marketing sphere with a convincing storytelling strategy is one among the most fruitful way to nurture your brand in the brand-new era. Read our blog to know more..

Marking your name in the marketing sphere with a convincing storytelling strategy is one among the most fruitful way to nurture your brand in the brand-new era. These days, the most successful brands are substantial storytellers. They appeal to the human dimension of marketing through storytelling and empathy. They gain our trust, inspire action and get us to believe in their mission.

One of the important elements of a successful storytelling strategy is to incorporate the contents that contain information, service, values, aims and goals associated with your brand in to seamless words and present it in astonishing manner before your target audience.

The contents that are associated with a brand can be made mainly by two methods namely, content writing and copywriting. For any marketer, companies or brands who want to launch an effective marketing strategy, it’s important to know which of these two writers you want on your side to match the specific goals of your content marketing campaign.

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    In simple words, copywriting advertise a product or brand, drive conversion and sales and encourage a direct response while content writers build connection and trust with consumers, create a positive brand association, and increase domain authority.

    Traditionally a copy is what we use to make sells your product or service to the target audience. Its aim is to persuade. Content does everything else. It attracts an audience, occupies their sustained attention, demonstrates your ability to solve their problems, and paves the way for an eventual purchase.

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    The art of copywriting is the act of tailoring the text that’s used to market a product in some way. When someone creates the text for an advertisement, website, brochure, catalog, direct mail piece, tagline, white paper, social media post, or any other marketing communication, they are scripting a copy.

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    The craft of content writing typically don’t promote specific offers or products. Instead, they seek to build bonds with consumers by providing them with valuable, educational, or entertaining information, usually at no charges. These relationships made by content writers are the foundation on which brand recognition and loyalty can be built.

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    Copywriters want to people to take immediate action. For example, they’ll want readers to download something, signup for a newsletter, or buy a product. Conversely, content writers want to build an engaged audience. As we mentioned above, content writers want to establish trust and position the brand as a reliable source of information.

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    Usually copywriters present their content in short-form while the content writers present the content in much longer- forms.

    Copywriters write copy for: Ads, online and off, Slogans and taglines, Web page content, Email campaigns, Television or radio commercial promotional and advertising scripts, Video scripts, Catalogs, Billboards, Postcards, Sales letters, Direct mail letters, Jingle lyrics, Social media.

    Content writers prepare contents for: Articles, Blog posts, Newspaper pieces, Magazine features, Press Releases, White papers, Email newsletters, E-books, Magazines, and Podcasts etc.

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    A good copywriter just need understands SEO (Search engine optimization) and SEO-strategies while a good content writer needs to have deep and advanced knowledge on them. Content writers are usually employed to produce inbound traffic and help you choose topics based on search terms that align with your business goals.

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    Since Copywriters want to people to take immediate action, the effectiveness of a crafted copy can be assessed within a short period of time after its launch in to the marketing sphere. In the case of content writing, the effectiveness isn’t always easy to measure in the short-term. Good content strategies take time to pay-off. The value gained content from blogs and articles has a longer shelf life. Unlike an ad or email, blogs and articles have staying power that continues to pay off over time.

    Here we have briefly discussed how the art of content writing and copywriting differs from each other. So, in order to launch a successful marketing campaign, you can take assistance from the professional branding agencies and advertising organizations to find the correct type of content makers you and your team truly needs.