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An approach towards simplified logos

Designing and designating a logo for a brand has been in fashion since time immemorial. The type, nature, and style with which a logo is crafted have changed over time with the changes and trends in the field. How have simplified logos influenced the market, what are their benefits and what are the factors to consider while shredding the logo?

One of the key elements that offer your brand the individuality and identity you aspire to is the asset of having a well-made logo that suits you the very best. The practice of designing and designating a logo for a brand has been in fashion since time immemorial.

The type, nature, and style with which a logo is crafted have changed over time with the changes and trends in the field. One of the leading drifts that occurred in the logo designing field is the practice of producing simplified logos.

Brands and businesses across the world are now leaning toward an approach in which they filter and refine their logos by going after the concepts like flat design and minimalism.

The most primal and basic reason behind the particular practice is the belief that keeping it simple makes it memorable. The containment of too much visual information conveyed through a logo can lead to complexity and confusion, which makes a brand difficult to recognize and recall.

Brands are going after the concept that a simple symbol can contain a more unique personality, carry amusing metaphors, and deliver meaningful references for a brand.

The benefits of having a simplified logo are,

  • The logo looks clean and concise.
  • Reduces the visual strain on customers.
  • Helps to reduce the complexity and confusion over the logo.
  • Makes the logo more memorable.
  • Improving the rate of logo recognition and recall.
  • Removes unnecessary elements from the logo and only keeps the essentials.
  • Helps the brand to appear modern and up-to-date.

One of the interesting and beneficial outcomes you can attain by going for a simplified logo is the advantages you can obtain in the digital space. Scaling down your logo to the essentials by eliminating the excess components means it’s easier to fit it into a range of digital landscapes. A simplified logo, for example, is much easier to see and identify on small screen devices like smartphones than a complex one. In short, having a simple logo makes it easy to load, appear, and share across the platforms.

The strategy of adding a simple but solid and unique colour scheme to support the simple logos is in practice in the industry. People believe that strong use of colour can make minimal designs more striking. To support the belief, we have the logos of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., which simply stand out for their colours.

However, while shredding the logo to make it look simple, one should also have to keep in mind the difference between being simple and being generic. It means that in your approach to making a simplified logo, always remember to add and sustain some distinctive elements and traits to your logo that make it unique and different from any other common brand in the market. Your logo should always have some characteristics that are specific to your brand.

One of the other important concerns arising with the simplification of the logo is that it may become less emotive and authentic. It means that when you suddenly simplify a logo that has been there for a long time in the market, people may feel your new logo is less credible and authentic. Some of them have bonds of memories or nostalgia along with the brand logo. So, always make sure to conduct properly designed campaign programs and awareness strategies while introducing the updated logo.

Becoming less emotive means, that maybe you have shredded too much information and elements from the logo that people are not able to form an emotional attachment with it like they used to have. The elements that added soul and life to your logo must have been lost during the retouching of it. You have to be genuinely careful and concerned about this issue as it directly affects your brand’s acceptance among the audience.

By tackling the above-mentioned problems with effective solutions, you can enjoy the fruitful benefits of your simple and modified logo.